Hogan CEO to Tour Asia Pacific

Our CEO, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, will embark on a tour across the Asia Pacific region, speaking at various events in the next month.

Tomas will join Sirota’s managing director, Lewis Garrad, on July 30 in Singapore to discuss how to grow employee engagement using personality. At the event, a pilot study of Sirota and Hogan’s “Engaging Leader” program will be introduced, which is designed to help leaders decode their engaging personality style.

On August 3, Dr. Robert Hogan will join Tomas to present at the World Economic History Congress in Kyoto, Japan, where they will discuss the “Historical and Theoretical Explorations in the Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship.”

Tomas’s tour across the Asia Pacific region continues on August 24 when he will speak to industry professionals in Sydney at an event hosted by the Peter Berry Consultancy on the topic of contemporary talent management and challenges for the digital age.

In addition, on August 27, Tomas will be the keynote speaker at the Australian Human Resources Institute’s National Conference in Melbourne where he will discuss “The Dark Side of Confidence.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friends at Hogan!

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