Leadership/Executive Development

Studies show organizations with strong leadership are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees. CEO personality alone can account for a 29% variance in profitability, which is nearly four times more than the corporation itself (8%) or its industry (6%).*

PBC started its operation as a provider of leadership development solutions and we have built strong relationships with business schools and our clients in the delivery of contemporary and effective leadership development programs.

PBC’s philosophy is that science informs practice, therefore all our leadership development solutions are tailored to the organisation’s needs and informed by robust diagnostics. Our development programs range from individual solutions targeted at building individual leadership capability, through to extensive programs for leadership teams which include a combination of self-report and multi rater diagnostics, individual feedback and coaching, and modular group workshops. Our coaches and facilitators have many years’ experience in working with individuals and leadership teams accessing the latest research and literature to support all our solutions.

At PBC, our leadership development programs:

  • Are customised to the needs of the individual, team and organisation
  • Are linked to the organisation’s strategic plan and its execution
  • Assist individuals to reach their leadership potential
  • Develop strategic self-awareness through the use of the Hogan personality assessments such as the Leadership Forecast Series, Hogan 360, and targeted coaching
  • Can be delivered to all levels of management, from frontline managers, middle managers, through to executives
  • Help participants identify immediate strategies for personal and business improvement and therefore business success
  • Provide the participant with a tailored, real-world development plan which can be built upon and utilised on an ongoing basis, long-after the program is completed

Return on Investment

It can be difficult to measure ROI on leadership programs in a timely manner, as by the time profits are declining or turn over has increased to record levels, it is too late. As an integral part of PBC’s leadership development programs we use diagnostics that are benchmarked and repeatable to ensure you’re able to capture ROI through measurement of improvement in leadership capability.

*Mackey, A. (2008). The effect of CEOs on firm performance. Strategic Management Journal, 29(12), 1357-1367. doi: 10.1002/smj.708

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