New survey highlights this year’s top recruitment and selection challenges

Sourcing and recruiting top talent is crucial to the growth of any organisation, but a new survey has suggested that human resource challenges may be the source of a concern or two for many businesses.

The survey from HR firm CareerBuilder polled more than 2,000 human resource professionals and found that in the US, at least, the majority of organisations simply haven’t been able to shake off the lingering impacts of the recession.

In addition to almost two thirds of respondents reporting that they failed to see sales pick up in the latter half of last year, finding and holding onto employees was the other major worry for most companies.

“Retention and productivity issues are top of mind as companies deal with constricting budgets, reorganisations and long vacancies, and look to engage with current and potential employees in a more meaningful way,” CareerBuilder’s Vice President of Human Resources Rosemary Haefner said in a February 19 statement.

More than 50 per cent of the respondents said they currently have open positions for which they can’t find suitable candidates. Filling these roles isn’t the only issue however, – a third of respondents said that retaining their top talent was another serious issue.

Many of the organisations may simply not have the resources to secure new talent – one in 10 blamed a limited hiring budget for their recruitment and selection woes, while a similar proportion were struggling to adapt to new ways of sourcing candidates.

The problem remains at large even within the organisation itself. A total of 11 per cent of respondents said a lack of succession planning was a major issue for 2014, while 17 per cent cited providing upward mobility as a challenge.

Whether you are looking within or outside of your organisation in the hunt for talent, making use of all the support and guidance available to your organisation is crucial. Personality assessment, for example, can help you identify the individuals with the intrinsic characteristics that can help them succeed in leadership roles.