Why you need to be wary in the recruitment and selection of graduates

Whether it's for an internship or a more advanced graduate role, hiring candidates fresh out of university can be an exciting prospect.

Armed with the latest knowledge and eager to impress and make an impact, graduates can be a worthwhile investment for your workforce – but only if picked right. According to a US study, business leaders are growing doubtful about the credentials of graduates from even the top universities. 

Gallup conducted a survey of more than 600 business leaders in the US at the end of last year and asked them if they believe the country's universities are equipping students with the skills their businesses require. The results are startling – more than a third (34 per cent) of respondents said they disagreed with the statement that “higher education institutions in this country are graduating students with the skills and competencies that my business needs”. In fact, half of these respondents said they “strongly disagree”.

The same proportion remained neutral on the matter, while another third agreed with the opinion. 

In response to this lack of confidence in their country's own institutions, some US business leaders said they are turning to foreign shores for the recruitment and selection of the best talent. One in ten respondents agreed that their organisation “must hire foreign-born workers due to a shortage of American workers with the skills we need”.

It's a sentiment that is apparently evident in Australia as well, as a significant proportion of the country's employees said they appreciate the contribution of foreign workers to their organisation. According to Randstad's Employee Expectations 2014 survey, one in three Australian employees said their working environment has changed in a positive way due to the immigration of foreign workers.

No matter which part of the world your business hires graduates from, it's important you have a thorough recruitment process to ensure they have the competencies to succeed at and bring value to your organisation. Graduate talent assessment programs can help you form a clear picture of every graduate candidate you deal with.