180 Co-worker review

The 180° Co-worker Review is an easy-to-administer multi-rater questionnaire for measuring the performance and behaviours of individuals in frontline or entry-level roles.  The 180° Review is an ideal first-step to gain feedback during an individual’s induction phase.

The 180° Review captures anonymous feedback on critical performance issues by soliciting feedback from the individual, their manager and their peers on six key themes – attitude, integrity, reliability, teamwork, people skills and performance. This provides a valuable measure of how well the individual is contributing to an organisation, and provides the individual with the basis for development planning to improve capability.


  • For feedback and development
  • To support and develop team building initiatives
  • As part of an annual performance review
  • As part of a probationary period assessment
  • To build a culture of accountability


  • Can be used with Hogan Assessments for selection and development, and/or one-on-one coaching
  • Provides real insights into performance

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