Month: February 2014

M&A deals enjoy global recovery

Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals among some of the largest firms in the world are on the rise after a slight dip last year, according to one industry expert. KPMG recently released its latest M&A Predictor report, which analyses key indicators to gauge the worldwide 'appetite' for mergers and acquisitions… Read More

Merging companies must balance costs with customer satisfaction

Organisations can go through a great deal of stress when undergoing a merger, with priorities such as customer satisfaction falling down the list. However, a recent study advises businesses to always place the customer first even in such complex times. According to research by Rice University, Kent State University and… Read More

Addressing the age gap in recruitment and selection

Age continues to be a touchy topic among HR practitioners around Australia. Is there any real merit in hiring an employee who appears to be too young for the role or perhaps one that is significantly advanced in years? If a recent global study is to be believed, employees around… Read More

Tackling the generation gap in team building

Successful team building relies on getting your entire organisation to work together in harmony towards a common goal. However, those who lead businesses today - many of which are made up of workers from a wide span of generations and age groups - know all too well that this is… Read More

Are you encouraging team development in your organisation?

  As a business leader, one of your responsibilities is to ensure your staff is continuously learning and developing within your organisation. Modern employees simply aren't content with coming into work and heading home with their pay in their pocket, as a recent Gallup survey found. Instead, they seek additional… Read More

What is the potential cost of a bad hire?

In a business world where every last cent counts, hiring the wrong candidate can prove to be more than a costly mistake. There are few things more disheartening to a business owner than finding out that an employee they've invested so much time and money in turns out to be… Read More

Study shows narcissism could actually help leaders

Just how much confidence is too much for a business leader? After years of research attempts failed to discover an answer to this question, academics from the University of Illinois set out to try and tackle the problem themselves. While a high level of self-confidence has always been essential to… Read More

Preparing for the new wave of executive retirement

All good things come to an end, and even the most spirited and energetic business leaders will have to call time on their career at some stage. This sentiment holds plenty of weight when you consider that many of today's business leaders come from the baby boomer cohort. Coupled with… Read More

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