Month: March 2014

Is there a link between emotional intelligence and financial performance?

While emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly valued in today's workplaces, measuring the actual return on investment from employees with this trait is still a grey area. However, new research suggests that there is indeed a connection between the level of self-awareness - one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence - in… Read More

Is there a link between stress and emotional intelligence?

Dealing with stress is an all too common challenge for most employees, with its ability to affect our performance levels and mental state. However, can stress affect other areas of our lives as well - for example, our emotional intelligence? According to a new study by the International School for Advanced… Read More

Employees are “back in charge” – how will your company respond?

Recruitment is a game that obviously requires active participation from two parties. Just like many interactions, the balance of power is not always equal. It can be easy to assume that the recruiter may hold the bulk of the power in this relationship, but is that always the case? A… Read More

Are leaders born or made?

It's a question often discussed about in leadership development circles - are leaders born or made? Even after decades of research, there seems to be no consensus on whether those who reach the top have been pre-configured to do so, or whether it's down to extensive learning, training and development.… Read More

Rise in female leaders encouraging but slow

A Canadian report on workplace gender representation indicates that women are beginning to stake a bigger claim in leadership roles, but this growth is more slow than steady. The DiversityLeads 2014 report, published by the Toronto-based Diversity Institute at Ryerson University, focuses on the Greater Toronto Area, but it is… Read More

The top qualities to seek in graduates

When your organisation needs an injection of fresh talent, hiring a graduate could prove to be a smart move. The rise of specific graduate talent assessment programs, for example, is testament to the increasing focus businesses are placing on hiring those just leaving university. If done right, the recruitment and… Read More

Can pay transparency help with staff retention?

Many organisation go all-out in their attempts to keep employee turnover to a minimum, and for good reason. High rates of staff churn can prove to be an unnecessary financial burden on any company, in addition to hampering the morale of those who stay on board. There are numerous initiatives… Read More

Workplace harassment goes beyond personality clashes

It's easy to blame workplace harassment cases on incompatible personality types - however, a university academic has suggested the problem has much deeper roots. According to the University of South Australia's Dr Michelle Tuckey, the issue of harassment at work goes beyond the individuals involved and is rather entrenched in the structure… Read More

New survey highlights this year’s top recruitment and selection challenges

Sourcing and recruiting top talent is crucial to the growth of any organisation, but a new survey has suggested that human resource challenges may be the source of a concern or two for many businesses. The survey from HR firm CareerBuilder polled more than 2,000 human resource professionals and found that… Read More

Survey highlights “gender paradox” in American leadership

There is an increasing global awareness of the fresh, diverse leadership capabilities women can bring - but why is this not reflected in actual real-life findings? A new study by American financial services provider Pershing found that although the majority of adults are now recognising the innovative new leadership skills… Read More

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