Month: April 2014

Turnover is creeping up – here’s what you can do about it

A high turnover rate is something no employer wants to deal with, as it can place an unnecessary and substantial burden on their organisation's time and resources. Despite efforts from firms across the globe to combat high turnover, a recent piece of research suggests that, in the US at least,… Read More

The most cited traits of CFO’s

To find out which character traits form the foundation of good leadership, one usually need look no further than the C-level leaders of any top organisation. These executives are the people who have grafted exceptional technical expertise with a range of favourable personality characteristics to reach the top. It appears… Read More

Addressing the generation gap in family business succession

Organisations are becoming more diverse in the demographic makeup of their workforce than ever before. This trend has raised concerns surrounding the often clashing expectations across generations. From the established baby boomers to the up-and-coming millennials, each generation in a workplace has a unique set of beliefs on the best… Read More

Soft skills crucial in the workplace, survey suggests

There is a growing belief that intangible traits - such as those associated with a person's personality - are just as important as technical skills for success in the workplace. However, how many employers really take this consideration into account in the recruitment and selection process? A new survey from… Read More

Is fear holding back Australian business leaders?

To steer their organisation through the good times and bad in order to fuel growth, business leaders must not let the fear of the unknown drag them down. However, a new survey from a top Australian university suggests that some of the country's most fearful employees might be those near… Read More

Avoiding the isolation trap in leadership

Business executives are often portrayed as the stoic leaders who can silently shoulder any tribulation as they lead their organisation to success. As the sole figure at the head of the hierarchy, CEOs are expected to draw from their wealth of experience and expertise to steer their ship through all… Read More

“Talent mismatch” a global concern

Recruiting the wrong people has always been a costly problem, impacting on both an organisation's bottom line and morale among existing staff. Only when assessed on a global scale, however, can one fully appreciate the extent of the issue. The 'Adapt to Survive' study, commissioned by LinkedIn and conducted by… Read More

Australian businesses looking to ramp up recruitment efforts

In light of recovering business confidence nationwide, businesses in Australia have indicated they are ready to enter the recruitment market once again, a new report reveals. Dun & Bradstreet's latest 'Business Expectations Survey' found that almost a quarter (22 per cent) of companies in Australia are planning to hire new… Read More

Could job ads be driving women away from leadership roles?

There has been a lot of recent discussion surrounding the absence of women in executive positions in Australia, and the ensuing gender imbalance in leadership. Much of this may be down to women being overlooked for these roles, but does this skew begin even before they join the company -… Read More

Is there recovery in sight for graduate recruitment?

Many organisations make concerted efforts to hire the brightest and most talented graduates - however, what has the outlook been like over the past year? According to the Graduate Outlook 2013 survey by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), many firms are still feeling the lingering grip of the global financial crisis.… Read More

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