Month: May 2014

The importance of teamwork between finance and HR

To most people, finance and human resources might not come across as having the closest of ties within an organisation. Yet according to one consulting expert, collaboration between the heads of these two critical functions is essential to overall business performance. EY conducted a global survey of over 550 CFOs… Read More

Is there still a stigma attached to job-hopping?

A high rate of turnover is something most employers have traditionally tried to fight against, with studies over the years decrying the immense financial impact it can have. However, the constantly evolving profile of the typical job seeker means job-hopping is becoming more and more acceptable - so is there… Read More

Growing skills gaps just one problem for recruiters today

As the economy continues its recovery at a slow pace and competition for the top talent becomes ever more intense, organisations face a range of challenges in employee recruitment and selection. According to PwC, one of the biggest of these is an increasing gap between the skills companies need for… Read More

Why good leadership is essential for work performance

The competence of a leader is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors that can drive - or hold back - the performance of a business. What a leader says and does can indeed have far-reaching implications on an organisation, touching every aspect from staff morale and productivity to the company's… Read More

Confrontational staff causing problems? Dig into their personality

It seems like every workplace has them - employees who commit to making mountains out of molehills and constantly act in a confrontational nature. Staff members who are argumentative by default and instigate conflicts can be detrimental to any organisation. While it can be easy to assume that such individuals… Read More

Human resources and innovation seen as big business risks this year

A recent survey suggests that human resources challenges and the failure to innovate are some of the biggest risks faced by Australasian businesses this year. Aon recently released the results from the 2014 edition of its annual Australasian Risk Survey, which ranks the top 10 risks for organisations in the region.… Read More

Should recruitment and selection be influenced by the minimum wage?

Whether businesses like it or not, their recruitment and selection strategies are influenced widely by external factors, including those from specific industries and the economy as a whole. And one of the most important factors that could sway an organisation's decision to enter the recruitment market could be the government's… Read More

Ready or not, here they come: The rise of graduate recruitment

Organisations are keener than ever this year to hire graduates despite reservations about how prepared they are for the "real world", a new survey suggests. With gradation season now in full swing around the world, HR firm CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,000 hiring managers in the US to gauge their… Read More

Does being a family CEO make a difference?

For family-owned businesses, the natural assumption would be their leaders work even harder than other CEOs as they have a much bigger stake in the organisation. The success of the company is often inextricably linked to the success of the family itself, and these ties that go beyond the corporate… Read More

Striking the right balance between IQ and EQ

Academics and leadership experts have debated furiously over the years about whether IQ is more important than EQ, or vice versa. Should we stick to the traditional method of using a person's raw intellectual ability to assess their merits, or pay more attention to the relatively new focus on emotional… Read More

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