Month: June 2014

Strong leadership vital to employee engagement

Employee engagement has always been one of the most important KPIs for leaders of any organisation. A company - and the leaders behind it - are nothing if they are not supported by an engaged, committed workforce. Of course, there are so many different factors that fall under the employee… Read More

Why a degree is no longer everything

For as long as anyone can remember, the traditional path for school leavers in Australia (and indeed most countries around the world) has been to attend university, gain a degree and find a job. Although this mindset has become much more flexible in recent years, with an increasing number of… Read More

The rising value of a university education

The dynamic and often flexible nature of today's jobs means that, sometimes, a university degree is not a prerequisite to enter the workforce. Those seeking a career in the trades, for example, can usually make do with a high school education and basic training. However, a recent survey in the US… Read More

Are our workplaces truly diverse?

With people from different age groups, genders and cultures harbouring varying expectations and needs, it is going to be more important to accommodate people from all backgrounds in the workplace. But are Australia organisations as diverse as we think they are? According to a survey of more than 200 employers and… Read More

How not to be a bad boss

In their efforts to become a good role model and leader, it is easy to see some new managers fall into the trap of trying too hard. Not only can this have an adverse impact on staff and the wider organisation, but it can also harm the leader's future career… Read More

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