Month: August 2014

Are today’s hiring managers more lenient with resumes?

Job seekers have always placed immense priority on their resume, with this short document holding the power to make or break their application. As such, many candidates go to great lengths to make sure that every single word in their CV is accurate and that it is free from errors.… Read More

Lack of skilled candidates ‘a problem for Australian companies’

Australian businesses are having difficulties in finding the right candidates during the recruitment and selection process. A new report by Hays Australia claimed there are simply not enough qualified applicants available when companies come to make hiring decisions.  Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said… Read More

Customer loyalty, employee engagement – and everything in between

Although the business landscape is constantly shifting and changing, the core needs and goals of organisations in any sector remain the same. Employee engagement, for instance, is always a hot topic among HR and management circles, with endless research being conducted in this area. From a customer relationship point of… Read More

Lack of career progression ‘key motivation for leaving a job’

Australians have cited a lack of career progression as the primary reason for wanting to leave their current job. Morgan McKinley polled 351 people across a range of industries and found 52 per cent were unfulfilled by existing promotion chances. The organisation claimed this percentage will rise as the economy… Read More

Good leaders ‘drive effective change management’

The importance of good leadership when embarking on a change management project cannot be understated. Recent Deloitte analysis argued that organisation redesign, when done well, brings significant improvements to performance, including reducing costs, boosting customer experience and driving productivity. However, the company said high-quality leadership is essential to successfully create… Read More

Fighting back: The importance of managing workplace bullying

There are fewer things more detrimental to an organisation than a workplace culture poisoned by bullying. Despite increasing awareness - and a new set of anti-bullying laws introduced in Australia this year - many companies are still struggling to cope with the problem. Workplace bullying can be an insidious issue… Read More

People skills important for all employees

It's often easy to assume that certain professionals don't necessarily need to have an extensive set of soft skills, such as communication and empathy. Whether it's because the job entails limited interaction with others or a strong technical emphasis, these professionals may have an illusion that the thrust of their… Read More

The difference between a boss and a leader

Contrary to what many may believe, 'boss' and 'leader' are not synonymous terms. While the basic notion is the same - a higher-level individual who oversees a group of subordinates - the many nuances of leadership mean there is a clear set of criteria that distinguishes effective leaders from those… Read More

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