Month: October 2014

Today’s graduates may be lacking in basic skills

When you are recruiting and selecting your graduates, your primary focus may be on hiring with a long-term view and developing them into future leaders. However, recent studies have indicated that leadership development aside, a worrying number of graduates today rank poorly for even the most basic skills, such as literacy. In… Read More

Which graduates enjoy their jobs the least?

It goes without saying that how much people enjoy their job and how interested they are in it are huge factors in their overall engagement at work. This can be particularly crucial for graduates, who will no doubt be wanting to make a positive start to their career. A recent US-based poll from… Read More

Why do graduates leave?

The persistently high turnover rates of graduate employees is a major concern for organisations all around the world. According to Graduate Career's Australia's (GCA) latest Graduate Outlook report, almost one in five graduates (17 per cent) in this country do not last a year in their first job, while the… Read More

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