Month: April 2015

2015 Q1 Article Review

The Hogan Research Department is continually on the lookout for interesting and useful articles. Below is a rundown from Q1. Kong et al. found that team member satisfaction predicted team performance when average agreeableness was low, but the two were unrelated when average agreeableness was high. Although Cheung & Lun… Read More

New! Why Hogan? [Video]

When they founded Hogan Assessments in 1987, Robert and Joyce Hogan challenged decades of academic tradition and conventional wisdom. Today, they are recognized as pioneering authorities in the assessment industry, and for nearly three decades Hogan has worked with some of the most powerful companies around the globe. We’re proud… Read More

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job

Regardless if you’ve been a in the workforce for decades, or are just a few years into a job, chances are the possibility of a new career has crossed your mind. And you are not alone. LinkedIn reported that 60% of its users are passive job seekers - those not… Read More

Get Organized

Benjamin Franklin was notorious for being organized. He followed a set daily routine and created a 13-week long plan for self-improvement which he carefully tracked. The man was efficiency personified.   The point is that being organized matters. Every day we are inundated with information and forced to make hundreds… Read More

Mythbusters Series: You’re a Good Interviewer

Ever wonder why you aren’t selecting high performers? Or why new employees fail and leave after such a short time?You’re likely relying too heavily on interviews in your selection process. Most interviews are unstructured. You skim the candidate’s CV beforehand, have a set list of suggested questions, and you see… Read More

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