Month: August 2015

Decision Maker: The Chess Player

  If you’ve ever been in awe of someone who can put aside short-term gains in order to out-maneuver a strategic opponent in the long run, you’re not alone. As an ambitious, impulsive, hedonist who also enjoys a good big picture debate, it’s hard for me to imagine how my… Read More

Employee Development: It’s as easy as 1-2-3

The two keys to success when it comes to running an effective business are money and people. Organizations tend to recognize that money is important to running a successful business, but often times they fail to focus on the people side of the equation. Unfortunately when companies do consider the… Read More

3 Tips for Combining 360 and Personality Assessment Feedback

When introduced and interpreted effectively, both 360 feedback instruments and personality assessments play significant roles in helping participants develop greater strategic self-awareness. Here are three tips on introducing the feedback combination to participants: 1. Participants should understand that each of these sources of feedback is based on a different time… Read More

Why is your boss such a narcissist?

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is a global authority on psychological profiling, and he joined Paul Henry in studio this morning to explain why narcissists often get the top jobs. He says there are two kinds of workers: the narcissist who will rise to the top, and the hidden gems who don't brag… Read More

Can Asian leaders have both authority and humility?

What makes for an engaging leader, and why is the study of leadership so often misguided? These were the questions being asked at an event hosted by Sirota and Hogan Assessment Systems last week, in which these two companies – arguably the pioneers of employee engagement surveys and personality profiling… Read More

Why Are Selection Assessments So Scary?

  In June, an article in Time magazine delved into the use of assessments in employee selection. It wasn’t the first time the mainstream media has found a story in assessments, and it probably won’t be the last. The article added some interesting thoughts to the ongoing dialogue, providing examples… Read More

Drinks with Hogan: Using Three Assessments Together

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Tue, Aug 11, 2015 Tweet Global Alliances consultant Rebecca Callahan discusses the benefits of using Hogan's suite of personality assessments together in our latest installment of Drinks with Hogan. Check it out. Topics: HPI, MVPI, Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, assessments, HDS, personality, Drinks… Read More

Hogan to Discuss Leadership Development in Dublin

Hogan’s Ryan Ross and Blaine Gaddis along with Cicek Svensson of Comms Multilingual will discuss the challenges of global leadership development and why “One Size Doesn’t Have to Fit All” at the E-ATP Conference in Dublin, Ireland on September 23. As European companies like HSBC, Maersk, and IKEA continue to… Read More

Judgment Report Predicts Job-Related Decision Making and Performance

Hogan recently collaborated with an international diversified mining and materials company to identify personal characteristics associated with work-related decision-making in Operation and Maintenance jobs. The goal of this research was to show the Hogan Judgment Report (based on cognitive and non-cognitive factors related to making decisions and receiving feedback) would… Read More

How To Grow Employee Engagement Using Personality

Hogan and Sirota Asia Pacific teamed up in a panel discussion for an exclusive look at how leadership is killing employee engagement in Singapore on July 30. Speakers included Lewis Garrad, managing director of Sirota Asia Pacific; Ho Wan Leng, CEO & chief consulting officer of Optimal Consulting; and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D., CEO of Hogan… Read More

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