Month: February 2016

The Engaging Leader: How Do You Become One?

Written by guest blogger Nick Starritt Managing Director of Sirota, Europe, Middle East, Africa Isn’t it curious how peoples’ engagement varies inside an organisation? Why do some teams become evidently more committed and productive than others? The graph below shows the distribution of team engagement (how people feel, think and… Read More

Hogan and J3Personica Complete Personality Study of Neurosurgical Residents

What personality characteristics predict successful performance among neurosurgical residents? Until a recent study we conducted with J3Personica Founder & CEO Alan Friedman, published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, nobody knew for certain. During the 2014-2015 application cycle, J3P administered our personality assessments to 54 neurosurgery applicants from the Cleveland Clinic… Read More

Losing Sight of the Individual in Group Development Programs

I often come across articles focused on development efforts for women and millennials. These two demographics – gender and age – are treated as key considerations in employee development program design. The thought seems to be that if organizations could only figure out how to develop women and young professionals,… Read More

Star Performers vs. Effective Team Performance

Written by Dr. Robert Hogan and Dr. Kimberly Nei In a fascinating and counter-intuitive paper, two Harvard economists (Housman and Minor) suggest that it makes better financial sense not to hire toxic workers than to hire star performers. Toxic workers engage in theft, property damage, sexual harassment, and workplace violence… Read More

2015 Hogan Research Compilation

The Hogan Research Division is constantly hard at work advancing the science of personality. We present a compilation of all the research projects, studies, presentations, and reviews from 2015. RESEARCH SUMMARIES, Q&A’S, AND WHITE PAPERS CLIENT RESEARCH – CRITERION STUDIES CLIENT RESEARCH – OTHER SIOP AND OTHER PRESENTATIONS ARTICLE REVIEWS Read More

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