Month: March 2016

Hogan Attends ATP Conference

Hogan has been an integral part of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) since its formation. This year, five members of Hogan including Tomas Chamarro-Premuzic, CEO and Partner; Blaine Gaddis, Senior Manager of Product Research; Kimberly Nei, Manager of Client Research; Jennifer Lowe, Manager of Corporate Solutions and Krista Pederson,… Read More

To boost engagement, leaders must learn to behave better

To engage employees effectively, businesses need to understand what makes them tick, and to boost leaders’ emotional intelligence, says Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Scientific data clearly indicate that employee engagement drives organisational profitability; nonetheless, only a minority of employees in most organizations are engaged. Indeed, the evidence suggests that disengagement is… Read More

Hogan to Host Certification Workshop in Tulsa

Hogan will host its first Tulsa certification workshop of 2016 on April 19-20 at our new state-of-the-art global headquarters. The two-day workshop provides an in-depth understanding of how to use and interpret the Hogan Assessment suite, offering a comprehensive tutorial on three Hogan inventories – Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI); Hogan… Read More

Chats from China: Cross Cultural Questions

China is home to over half a million foreigners, many of whom are here for business. Multinational corporations doing business in China, as well as Chinese companies who are going global, all face questions regarding talent within a multicultural setting. As a Hogan representative in China, I frequently field questions… Read More

Chats from China: An Intro

As global company with market presence in 57 countries, Hogan has experienced energetic growth in Asia, and specifically China, for over two decades. With this in mind, Hogan dedicated my position fully to serving this expanding market. I support our Asia markets in real-time and work alongside our distributors and… Read More

The Economy of Human Nature

  Adam Smith, author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (aka The Wealth of Nations), is considered the father of modern economics. Since its publication in 1776, The Wealth of Nations has influenced virtually all modern economists and, to some extent, much of… Read More

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