Month: April 2016

Hogan Subscales Upgrade

At Hogan Assessments and Peter Berry Consultancy, we constantly strive for ways to improve what we do based on your feedback. As such, we are proud to announce that Hogan Assessments has launched an easier and more meaningful way to interpret the subscale format. On May 3, all HPI and… Read More

Drinks with Hogan | What is a high potential?

In this edition of Drinks with Hogan, Managing Partner Ryan Ross explains why narrowing the definition of potential, in order to coach and develop people to a very specific thing, is necessary for success. Additionally, Ross discusses the leadership characteristics of a high potential employee. Read More

Hogan to Speak at 31st Annual SIOP Conference

  I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research during an impressive 21 sessions, symposia, panel discussions, practice forums, and poster sessions at the 31st Annual SIOP Conference in Anaheim, April 14-16. Thursday, April 14 Digging Deeper into the Darkness: Advances in Dark Personality… Read More

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