Month: May 2016

Chats from China: Hogan CEO Visits Shanghai and Beijing

Hogan CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic visited China to speak at several events in Shanghai and Beijing and highlight the shifting focus of the business world to a more Asia-Pacific driven economy. Tomas met with our three Chinese partners, Optimal Consulting, Mobley Group Pacific, and Empower Leaders Consulting to strengthen our relationship… Read More

Save the Date for Hogan Assessments: The Secrets of Success

  Over the past 25 years, Hogan assessments have emerged globally as the tool of reference for the selection and development of managers and executives. Today, the Hogan inventories are used internationally by companies and coaches to predict the success of their leaders. What are the secrets of success? What… Read More

Drinks with Hogan: Leadership in a Team Environment

If leadership is defined as the ability to build and maintain a high performing team, how does a leader effectively engage his or her team? Rebecca Callahan, Manager of Hogan Labs, and Amber Smittick, Corporate Solutions Consultant, discuss the tools and tactics to successful leadership in a team environment in… Read More

Does the personality of graduates differ from other employees?

Organisations spend a great deal of money and effort to recruit graduates into their organisation. However, do graduates really differ from other types of employees and if so, what benefits may graduates bring to an organisation? Furthermore, what can organisations do to encourage the attraction, retention and development of graduates?… Read More

The HPI Turns 3…Million!

Hogan’s status as a global innovator in personality assessment is nothing new. In 1998, after administering the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) in more traditional formats for years, we were the first test publisher to develop a web-based assessment platform. After we fully integrated the system to score HPI results for… Read More

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