Are you encouraging team development in your organisation?


As a business leader, one of your responsibilities is to ensure your staff is continuously learning and developing within your organisation.

Modern employees simply aren’t content with coming into work and heading home with their pay in their pocket, as a recent Gallup survey found. Instead, they seek additional perks from their job – such as the opportunity to grow professionally.

However, a recent report from a major recruitment firm suggests that Australian organisations aren’t doing enough for their employees in this regard.

The Employee Expectations 2014 survey – a massive international study and part of Randstad’s Workmonitor series of reports – gauged the expectations and sentiments of workers around the world. As one of the areas of focus, it asked employees a series of questions on personal and leadership development opportunities in the workplace.

For example, 45 per cent of respondents reported that their employer did not give them a chance to develop at work in 2013. Additionally, 40 per cent of Australian employees said that they did not extend their knowledge through education and training last year.

Although it may be tempting to point the finger solely at employers, it appears that some sections of the workforce could be doing more as well. According to the survey, more than a quarter (28 per cent) of respondents said that they did not invest their own effort into developing their skills and competencies.

Learning and developing on the job is essential not only for the personal growth of employees, but also for the wider organisation. For example, your company can only have a pool of high potential leadership candidates to choose from for the years ahead if it provides its employees with the right growth opportunities.

Signing up your top talent for leadership development courses is therefore the best way to ensure the safety and security of your organisation for the future.