Assessment Centres

An assessment centre is a multi-method, multi-rater process of assessing candidates against job-related capabilities. Candidates are observed and evaluated by multiple assessors in simulated work environments.

“Carefully designed assessment centres are superior to other forms of predicting performance ratings”. (Hunter & Hunter, 1984.)

At PBC, we safeguard strong predictive validity and a positive candidate experience by ensuring that that centre is well designed and professionally run. In particular, we provide:

  • High-quality assessment activities which are job and competency relevant
  • Assessors with extensive skills and experience
  • Detailed assessor training
  • Candidates are given the opportunity to demonstrate their competencies across a number of different situations
  • Accessibility and comfort for participants


Assessment centres are used to support robust selection processes in multiple industries, for differing job types and across both the Private and Public sectors. A similar model can be used for development centres.

At PBC, we customise our assessments centres to meet the needs of the role and/or capability requirements.

Assessment centres can include the following components:

  • Group exercises
  • Written analytical tasks
  • Role plays
  • Structured behaviour interviewing
  • Structured capability interviewing
  • Biographical interviews
  • Cognitive ability assessments
  • Intray/in-basket tasks
  • Workplace simulations/work sample measures

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