Hogan Basis Report


Hogan Basis Report provides a hiring recommendation, behavioural interview guide, and a systematic method for making a hiring decision using a combination of assessment and interview results. It describes a candidate’s fit to a Leadership or Sales role or can be customised to a specific role and organisation. Hogan Basis utilises the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, and/or the Motive, Value, Preferences Inventory to develop a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s everyday personality, potential areas of concern, and their drivers and goals.


  • Custom Employee Selection
  • Employee selection in Sales or Leadership roles
  • Assist in Hiring Decisions


  • Contains Interview Guide
  • Outlines strengths and limitations of candidates
  • Combines a range of data to provide an overall hiring recommendation
  • Based on the HPI, HDS, and/or MVPI


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