Hogan assessments is number one in executive coaching


Dec 03, 2018



Have you ever wondered what the latest trends are for successful executive coaching?

What is best practice globally in the executive coaching industry?

Should 360 multi-rater assessments be used in conjunction with personality assessments?

A recent study “Executive coaching for results” by CoachSource is powerful reading. The first study was conducted in 2005, repeated in 2013, and we now we have fresh data in 2018. The 950 respondents to the global survey consisted of organisation practice managers, external coaches, internal coaches and executives who receive coaching.

The results show that 360 multi-rater feedback tools are the most common assessment input into executive coaching with 78-92% of raters selecting this. Popularity of 360’s continues to grow, especially amongst leaders receiving coaching. Interestingly, the use of Hogan assessments by organisations is far ahead of other assessments including Myers – Briggs and DISC. The report says, “Hogan has easily experienced the fastest jump of any assessment we have studied over the years”.

The survey identifies a desire by organisations to increase the integration between coaching and organisational outcomes with 63% of organisations reporting that while coaching was not linked to business results they would like to do so. The report also identified that there is a trend in the way internal versus external coaches are utilised with internal coaches working more frequently with lower level employees and the external coaches working with higher level managers. External coaches are preferred by leaders 82% of the time with most coaching engagements spanning a six-month period.

The survey pinpoints why executive coaching has continued to grow. Leadership development remains a key focus, followed by transition, executive presence and working to overcome performance problems.

Global research shows that leadership drives engagement and engagement drives performance. Leadership is observable, measurable and improvable by using Hogan assessments, the Hogan 360, coaching and practice. Combining personality assessments with a multi-rater assessment is the most powerful and cost-effective way to gather performance information.

Leadership is about results. Teams deliver results. We should evaluate the leader by the behaviour and performance of the team . Team development must be a key focus of coaching for results.

Executive coaching is continuing to grow globally. If it focuses on high performing teams, employee engagement and business results it will provide a very healthy return on investment.

It’s a no brainer!

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