The Unforeseen and Unintended Consequences of Bans on Personality Testing

It’s a long way from home but highlights many of the (incorrect) arguments we hear against psychometric testing. --- On February 13th, the Nevada assembly heard a proposal for a new bill, Nevada AB132. The bill itself is only 2.5 pages... Read more

VIDEO: The Hogan High Potential Talent Report

Over the years, we’ve discovered growing enthusiasm for identifying leadership potential, since talented leaders drive success. Unfortunately, many organizations make... Read more

ICF accreditation for Hogan Assessment Certification Workshops

Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) is pleased to advise our clients and coaches that all participants completing the Two Day Hogan... Read more

Humility: The Cure for a Know-It-All

No one likes a know-it-all. They’ve annoyed us all by talking down to us about anything and everything, even when... Read more

Agility Today, Something Else Tomorrow

*This article was originally published on November 2 by People Matters. Agility in leadership is about the ability to effectively balance factors that... Read more

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