The Unforeseen and Unintended Consequences of Bans on Personality Testing

It’s a long way from home but highlights many of the (incorrect) arguments we hear against psychometric testing. --- On February 13th, the Nevada assembly heard a proposal for a new bill, Nevada AB132. The bill itself is only 2.5 pages... Read more

VIDEO: Big Data Is Nothing New to Hogan

The trend toward Big Data shows no signs of slowing down, as businesses, organizations, and governments continue incorporating new technology... Read more

It’s Time to Stop Vilifying Ambition

The concept of ambition has a bad reputation in popular culture. The textbook definition – a strong desire to achieve... Read more

Product Update: Hogan Global Norm

In 2011 Hogan launched the world’s most representative and diverse working adult normative sample. Known as Hogan’s Global Norm, it... Read more

Don’t Tell Mom, the Babysitter’s a Fake

A recent article in the Washington Post described a new service from a company called Predictim that claims to help people find the... Read more

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