The Unforeseen and Unintended Consequences of Bans on Personality Testing

It’s a long way from home but highlights many of the (incorrect) arguments we hear against psychometric testing. --- On February 13th, the Nevada assembly heard a proposal for a new bill, Nevada AB132. The bill itself is only 2.5 pages... Read more

Making use of Millennials’ high potential leadership

As one of the most crucial workforce segments in any economy, it makes sense to take into account the needs... Read more

Is attitude more important than skills?

Recruiters have long focused on the tangible skills an employee can bring to an organisation. Personality and other character traits... Read more

EQ: Just how crucial is it in an employee?

It is no surprise that intellectual ability is one of the top traits recruiters look for in candidates. An outstanding... Read more

M&A deals enjoy global recovery

Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals among some of the largest firms in the world are on the rise after a... Read more

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