When should you customise a 360?


May 29, 2019


Organisations are often interested in customising diagnostics to align with their competency models or leadership frameworks to assess for those capabilities important to their organisational strategy. At PBC, we know the importance of 360 items being empirically tested, validated and benchmarked, which is why it is not always appropriate to customise a 360 degree feedback report. You might be wondering “when should I customise a 360?”, so to help you out, we have put together 5 scenarios where you might benefit from a customised 360.

  1. Benchmarking: We offer the option to apply various benchmarks to the Hogan 360. We can look at organisation specific benchmarks, industry specific benchmarks, benchmarks by leadership level and even top quartile benchmarks. Once a minimum threshold is reached, PBC can present internal benchmarks on the Hogan 360 reports.

  2. Organisational Competency Frameworks: This is suitable if your organisation has an established competency model or capability framework. If you have invested the effort to create unique leadership competencies and behaviours for your leaders, you may wish to consider having a customised 360 survey that reflects this accurately. 

  3. Branding: We understand that organisational brand alignment is important. Tailoring of the Hogan 360 allows the 360 report to represent the organisation more effectively.

  4. Existing Supporting Materials: This is suitable if you already have content to support leadership development (such as development recommendations, personal development planning approach, etc). Customising the Hogan 360 survey allows you to embed these supporting resources within the Hogan 360 report.

  5. Volume Requirements: If you’re a volume user of the Hogan 360, it is worth considering the use of our tailored options. Volume orders makes it feasible to customise a survey that is more relevant and valuable for your leaders.

Keeping in mind that we always want to ensure that your diagnostics are data driven, we have developed a range of customisation options to satisfy these requirements.

To talk about customising your next Hogan 360, or to discuss whether you should customise or not, contact us by email at, or call us on +61 2 8918 0888.

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