Candidates with MBAs – are they really worth it?

Hiring graduates can be hit-and-miss for many businesses, as they often don't have the work experience to back up their education.

That's why many employers tend to look for candidates with the coveted MBA in their graduate recruitment and selection, but is this degree all that it is hyped up to be?

It certainly seems that employers, in the United States at least, are happy to take these graduates on – a recent study by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) found that around nine in 10 graduates from top MBA programs found a job within six months of graduating.

Additionally, 95 per cent of MBA graduates manage to secure a position within one year of graduating.

So just what do these talented graduates bring to the table apart from intensive education and a well-respected qualification?

It may be worth noting that throughout their training, MBA graduates pick up vital soft skills that can help them succeed in whichever role they land.

For example, MBA programs are renowned for their rigorous assessment systems in which students are required to work in teams in real-life scenarios. The valuable teamwork skills one gains from such an education can benefit any organisation.

In addition to enhanced interpersonal skills, MBA graduates are well known for their skills in creativity, problem solving and analytical and creative thinking. In a rapidly changing business arena that constantly demands innovation, these skills can spell the difference between growth and stagnation.

In light of this, it makes good business sense to take a holistic view of the candidate and look beyond their academic merits, regardless of who you are hiring.

Accordingly, personality assessments are being increasingly used by organisations the world over to gain a better picture of the person as a whole before making the final hiring decision.