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Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop Brisbane

Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop Brisbane
1 day workshop

The Advanced Interpretation Workshop is designed for Hogan certified practitioners who want to gain deeper interpretive insights from Hogan Assessment data.

This course teaches professionals to:

  • Interpret and apply the core Hogan Assessments in greater depth
  • Connect Hogan data points across scales and assessments for more robust interpretations
  • Extract maximum value from subscales
  • Learn advanced interpretation techniques around low HDS and low MVPI scores
  • Apply the assessments for talent identification, coaching and development
  • Build on existing skills to interpret connections and configurations across the HPI, HDS and MVPI
  • Address common assumptions, habits and mistakes that occur when interpreting scores
  • Explore potential triggers and schemas that elicit Dark Side behaviour
  • Learn how to interpret score conflicts or unexpected score combinations
  • Deep dive into subscale-level interpretation to help develop hypotheses
  • Learn how to use organisational and individual context to focus interpretation of the Hogan assessments

Skills acquired in this applied workshop will prepare you to analyse Hogan data at a deeper level and extract maximum interpretive value from the three core Hogan personality assessments.

The workshop will also help participants to interpret the Hogan scales along with the Hogan 360.


Special Australian launch promotional price is $1,729.75 including GST. Full price is $2,035 including GST


Pre-requisite: Hogan Assessments Certification

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