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Leadership Lessons from Muhammad Ali

 Professional sports often illustrate important psychological and life principles, even for the world of business. Traditionally, discussions on leadership tend to focus on team sports, but occasionally individual athletes emerge who can teach us a great deal about leadership, too. Here are some lessons from the extraordinary Muhammad Ali:  … Read More

Drinks with Hogan: Leadership in a Team Environment

If leadership is defined as the ability to build and maintain a high performing team, how does a leader effectively engage his or her team? Rebecca Callahan, Manager of Hogan Labs, and Amber Smittick, Corporate Solutions Consultant, discuss the tools and tactics to successful leadership in a team environment in… Read More

The Personality Traits Of Engaging and Disengaging Leaders

Most people think of leadership as a vocation, but it's really a psychological process—namely, the process of influencing others to put aside their self-serving agendas and cooperate for the common good of a group. Companies are just bigger, more organized groups than those groups where our earliest ancestors first developed… Read More

Which graduates enjoy their jobs the least?

It goes without saying that how much people enjoy their job and how interested they are in it are huge factors in their overall engagement at work. This can be particularly crucial for graduates, who will no doubt be wanting to make a positive start to their career. A recent US-based poll from… Read More

Are Australians working too much?

While working the odd overtime is common - and often expected - in today's environment, work hours must nonetheless be carefully managed to avoid any negative impact on employees. Consistently working shifts that exceed contracted hours may not only hurt job satisfaction and morale, but take a toll on mental… Read More

Study reveals high rate of bullying in Australian workplaces

Workplace bullying, in all its guises and forms, can have a toxic effect on any organisation and its employees. Australian businesses will therefore be concerned with the recent finding that organisations in this country may have one of the highest rates of bullying in the world. According to the Australian Workplace Barometer report,… Read More

When work and home stress collide

The increasing pressures of modern-day working life can take a toll on any employee. However, it's important to consider how factors from other dimensions in our lives can also affect our mental resilience, as a new study suggests. According to researchers from Concordia University and the University of Montreal, people… Read More

How bad can a bad manager be?

The negative impacts a bad manager can have on the workplace are well known - diminished productivity and morale, higher levels of absenteeism and employee disengagement, to name just a few. A new survey has added further fuel to the fire by suggesting that these pervasive effects can go much… Read More

The mismatch between leadership supply and demand

Having a strong pool of leadership candidates to develop and rely on is essential for any organisation. However, do businesses today actually have this talent at their disposal, trained and ready to take on the reins? Close analysis of a collection of recent studies suggests a mismatch between the demand… Read More

Lack of career progression ‘key motivation for leaving a job’

Australians have cited a lack of career progression as the primary reason for wanting to leave their current job. Morgan McKinley polled 351 people across a range of industries and found 52 per cent were unfulfilled by existing promotion chances. The organisation claimed this percentage will rise as the economy… Read More

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