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Lack of career progression ‘key motivation for leaving a job’

Australians have cited a lack of career progression as the primary reason for wanting to leave their current job. Morgan McKinley polled 351 people across a range of industries and found 52 per cent were unfulfilled by existing promotion chances. The organisation claimed this percentage will rise as the economy… Read More

The dangers of overconfidence: Q&A with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

We had a chat with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, vice president of research and innovation at Hogan, to find out what exactly constitutes confidence in the workplace - and whether too much of it can be a bad thing. What separates good confidence from bad? How do you define it in the… Read More

Why a degree is no longer everything

For as long as anyone can remember, the traditional path for school leavers in Australia (and indeed most countries around the world) has been to attend university, gain a degree and find a job. Although this mindset has become much more flexible in recent years, with an increasing number of… Read More

Confrontational staff causing problems? Dig into their personality

It seems like every workplace has them - employees who commit to making mountains out of molehills and constantly act in a confrontational nature. Staff members who are argumentative by default and instigate conflicts can be detrimental to any organisation. While it can be easy to assume that such individuals… Read More

The most cited traits of CFO’s

To find out which character traits form the foundation of good leadership, one usually need look no further than the C-level leaders of any top organisation. These executives are the people who have grafted exceptional technical expertise with a range of favourable personality characteristics to reach the top. It appears… Read More

Soft skills crucial in the workplace, survey suggests

There is a growing belief that intangible traits - such as those associated with a person's personality - are just as important as technical skills for success in the workplace. However, how many employers really take this consideration into account in the recruitment and selection process? A new survey from… Read More

Survey highlights importance of personality in the workplace

Employers are continually understanding the importance of taking a holistic approach to recruitment, looking at every component that makes up the candidates as a person. This involves, for instance, their personality and their interests outside of work. Yet is this important for industries that are heavily skills-focused, such as in… Read More

Don’t let the ‘dark side’ of your personality drag you down

Getting a good idea of a candidate's personality and behavioural traits is certainly important as well, as it will indicate how they fit into your organisation's culture and how they'll interact with their colleagues. However, asking a few questions in the interview on what their 'best qualities' are only scratches… Read More

Is there a link between emotional intelligence and financial performance?

While emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly valued in today's workplaces, measuring the actual return on investment from employees with this trait is still a grey area. However, new research suggests that there is indeed a connection between the level of self-awareness - one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence - in… Read More

Is there a link between stress and emotional intelligence?

Dealing with stress is an all too common challenge for most employees, with its ability to affect our performance levels and mental state. However, can stress affect other areas of our lives as well - for example, our emotional intelligence? According to a new study by the International School for Advanced… Read More

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