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Today’s graduates may be lacking in basic skills

When you are recruiting and selecting your graduates, your primary focus may be on hiring with a long-term view and developing them into future leaders. However, recent studies have indicated that leadership development aside, a worrying number of graduates today rank poorly for even the most basic skills, such as literacy. In… Read More

Why do graduates leave?

The persistently high turnover rates of graduate employees is a major concern for organisations all around the world. According to Graduate Career's Australia's (GCA) latest Graduate Outlook report, almost one in five graduates (17 per cent) in this country do not last a year in their first job, while the… Read More

Australian graduates taking longer to find jobs

The majority of graduates in Australia have no trouble landing a job within months of graduating - but this rate has dropped sharply from previous years, a survey reveals. In the latest edition of its annual Graduate Destinations report, Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) revealed that in 2013, nearly three-quarters (71.3 per cent)… Read More

Don’t rely on resumes in the hiring process

For as long as any hiring manager can remember, the resume has been a go-to reference point in the recruitment and selection process. Offering a (usually) succinct summary of the candidate's qualities and attributes, CVs are perceived as a yardstick with which to quickly assess an individual's fit for a role. However, as… Read More

Are today’s hiring managers more lenient with resumes?

Job seekers have always placed immense priority on their resume, with this short document holding the power to make or break their application. As such, many candidates go to great lengths to make sure that every single word in their CV is accurate and that it is free from errors.… Read More

Lack of skilled candidates ‘a problem for Australian companies’

Australian businesses are having difficulties in finding the right candidates during the recruitment and selection process. A new report by Hays Australia claimed there are simply not enough qualified applicants available when companies come to make hiring decisions.  Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said… Read More

Customer loyalty, employee engagement – and everything in between

Although the business landscape is constantly shifting and changing, the core needs and goals of organisations in any sector remain the same. Employee engagement, for instance, is always a hot topic among HR and management circles, with endless research being conducted in this area. From a customer relationship point of… Read More

Do narcissists make good leaders

Narcissists are typically categorised as being self-centred, overconfident in their abilities and lacking empathy for others. Considering their expertise at self-promotion, it is therefore not difficult to see why some narcissists quickly find themselves in leadership positions. According to 2008 Ohio State University research, people who score highly for narcissism… Read More

The rising value of a university education

The dynamic and often flexible nature of today's jobs means that, sometimes, a university degree is not a prerequisite to enter the workforce. Those seeking a career in the trades, for example, can usually make do with a high school education and basic training. However, a recent survey in the US… Read More

Are our workplaces truly diverse?

With people from different age groups, genders and cultures harbouring varying expectations and needs, it is going to be more important to accommodate people from all backgrounds in the workplace. But are Australia organisations as diverse as we think they are? According to a survey of more than 200 employers and… Read More

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