Don’t let the ‘dark side’ of your personality drag you down

Getting a good idea of a candidate's personality and behavioural traits is certainly important as well, as it will indicate how they fit into your organisation's culture and how they'll interact with their colleagues. However, asking a few questions in the interview on what their 'best qualities' are only scratches the surface and won't provide a holistic picture of how the candidate will fare in a range of scenarios.

This is because a lot of people possess certain personality 'derailers' that could hold them back from achieving their true leadership potential. These are strengths in the person's personality and behaviour that may turn into weaknesses when overplayed – and of which the individual themselves might not even be aware.

According to a March 19 article in the Australian Financial Review, these derailers, if left unchecked, can “sabotage” the career development of even the brightest candidates.

In a 2005 research paper, Hogan and Kaiser noted that