Employee Opinion Survey

The Employee Opinion Survey is an easy-to-administer, anonymous questionnaire that captures employee feedback on issues critical to your organisation’s success. It provides your employees with an opportunity to have their say independently and anonymously on a range of key business engagement and personal engagement themes including alignment, improvement, customer, communications, culture, development, motivation, leadership, benefits, accountability, teamwork and wellbeing.

The PBC Employee Opinion Survey provides a ready-made action plan for improving employee satisfaction, engagement and building a high-performance culture.


  • Key input into your annual business planning cycle
  • Annual health check for your organisation
  • Key performance indicator on people
  • Starting point for cultural change
  • Guide for planning your human resource management
  • Input into your enterprise agreement


  • Benchmarks your organisation against our extensive database of Australian/ New Zealand organisations and multinationals
  • Measures key performance areas, such as employee satisfaction, engagement and culture
  • Makes specific recommendations for immediate action planning
  • Survey is user friendly and provided in plain English for a wide audience
  • Easily administered on paper or online


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