Safety Climate Survey

The Safety Climate Survey provides powerful insights into the safety environment of a workplace.

The survey uses anonymous feedback from employees to inform a critical risk analysis of safety related concerns across the organisation.  It does so by measuring key safety attitudes that reflect the position of the organisation in terms of commitment to safety and compliance behaviours.  This in turn helps to inform your organisation’s safety strategy.

The Safety Climate Survey:

  • Measures employee awareness and commitment across key safety themes
  • Solicits quantitative, qualitative and written feedback
  • Can be conducted using a combination of online and paper based questionnaires, depending on which is easier for the employees and the organisation
  • Has clear and concise questions understood at all levels of an organisation
  • Allows the inclusion of client-specific safety questions
  • Allows for customisation of demographic reporting categories specific to your organisation
  • Generates a, user-friendly report that provides insights critical to the organisation’s planning cycle and ongoing safety strategy.
  • Allows for separate reports to be produced by demographic category (eg. regional offices, departments, role types).
  • Allows benchmarking of changes in an organisation’s safety climate on a yearly basis.
  • Provides an external benchmark against top performing organisations globally.

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