hogan Engaging Leader Assessment

The Engaging Leader Report combines a unique combination of personality information and multi-rater feedback. It provides a picture of a leaders’ underlying motives and values and how these influence their behaviour at work. It presents insights into what a team thinks about their leader and how engaged they feel as a result.

Engagement drives performance, so the more engaged and effective a team feels, the better their performance is likely to be.


  • Measure the engagement of your leaders and their teams
  • Measure the performance of your leaders
  • To provide insight into how a manager behaves and how they impact their team.
  • To compare leaders within your organisation and globally
  • As an input into broader workforce planning and talent management strategies


  • Help managers and leaders decode their Engaging Personality style
  • Provide insight into how core dispositions, values and behaviours boost and inhibit employee engagement
  • Report was created leveraging Sirota & Hogan big data archives based on millions of individuals

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