Executive Leadership Team Development

Solution: Executive Leadership Team Development

Industry: Commercial & Residential Real Estate Consultancy

Products: High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA)


The organisation is a global real estate consultancy with commercial and residential offerings. This high performing team leads a state-based valuation business.

The organisation has been working with Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) since 2007 to build leadership capability aimed at delivering employee engagement, business excellence and improved financial performance.


The organisation uses a multi-faceted approach to leadership development. At the individual level, they utilise Hogan assessments in their selection process to ensure new employees are well aligned with their culture of ‘work hard, play hard and stay humble’. The organisation also utilise multi-rater tools such as the Hogan 360 with individuals to understand how their peers, managers and direct reports viewed their attitudes, behaviours and performance and to guide development action planning.

These very rich assessments have created strong self and other awareness. In this business, every leader knows their strengths, opportunities and derailers.

PBC has also worked with the company to implement a more team-based diagnostic to understand team effectiveness and identify areas of compatibility and conflict among team members. Using the High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA), the leadership team could rate the performance and culture of the team and explore key team characteristics like strategy, accountability and collaboration. The HPTA provides not only a benchmarked score which allows the team to track improvement, it also provides the basis for an action oriented team development plan to ensure priorities for improvement are identified and actioned.


The completion of the HPTA provided the team with the opportunity to identify their key strengths and areas for development to enhance their overall effectiveness.

The ongoing use of multiple assessment methodologies including the HPTA has ensured the executive team are committed to updating and communicating their one page business plan every year, aiming to achieve a balanced scorecard which focuses on employee/customer engagement, service/operational excellence and sound revenue and profit. Their business metrics reflect this with achievement of;

  • year on year growth in revenue, from $4.7m 2012/2013 to $6.5m 2015/2016
  • top quartile employee engagement scores, from 73% in 2010 to 83% in 2014
  • top quartile customer feedback scores, with a steady increase since 2013, from 4 to 8.6 in 2017

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