Graduates/Interns Development

In 2015 AHRI’s Pulse Survey on Turnover and Retention found that  more than half of respondents (54 per cent) reported that graduates and junior level employees experience the highest level of turnover (in their organisations). As the investment in graduate selection and development can be significant, losing graduates at the end of their program can be highly disruptive, not to mention costly.

Providing graduates with a development program giving them the opportunity to fully engage with the organisation is vital for graduate retention.

PBC uses the Hogan suite of personality assessments to identify not only a graduate’s strengths, but also their potential de-railers and motivators to build a robust development plan.

In addition, we have developed the Graduate Talent Assessment (GradTA) which is a unique multi-rater assessment designed to assess graduate performance on key graduate competencies over the course of the graduate program. The GradTA facilitates targeted development planning by providing insight into capability gaps and outlining key expectations of the graduate and their supervisor.

The outcome is a graduate who is highly engaged with the organisation, with a clear development pathway in place, both during and on completion of their program.

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