Hogan Personality Assessments

The Hogan core personality assessments, the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory, measure normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, and core values and drivers.

This multi-dimensional approach to personality assessment provides incredible insight that can serve as a powerful tool throughout the employee lifecycle.

MVPI – What you want in your career

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) describes personality from the inside – the core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine what we desire and strive to attain. By assessing values, you can understand what motivates candidates to succeed, and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive.

HPI –  How you’re going to get it

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) describes normal, or bright-side personality – qualities that describe how we relate to others when we are at our best. Whether your goal is to find the right hire or develop stronger leaders, assessing normal personality gives you valuable insight into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be.

HDS –  What might stand in your way

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes the dark side of personality – qualities that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail peoples’ chances of success. By assessing dark-side personality, you can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

Applications of the three Hogan personality assessments:

  • Predicting job performance
  • measuring basic employability, work style, safety consciousness, and organizational fit.
  • Evaluate career derailers and potential performance risks
  • Identify next generation of top talent.
  • Leadership development.


  • Have a range of report outputs depending on the job level and purpose of the assessment
  • 15- to 20-minute completion time
  • Available in more than 40 languages
  • Based on the Five-Factor Model
  • Normed on more than 500,000 worldwide
  • Validated on more than 200 occupations
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output
  • Online administration

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