Hogan Subscales Upgrade


At Hogan Assessments and Peter Berry Consultancy, we constantly strive for ways to improve what we do based on your feedback. As such, we are proud to announce that Hogan Assessments has launched an easier and more meaningful way to interpret the subscale format.

On May 3, all HPI and MVPI reports containing subscale data will display like the current HDS subscale format. This update standardises and simplifies subscale interpretation across the HPI, HDS, and MVPI assessments. The following resources provide an overview to ensure a seamless transition to the updated subscale format:

Interpretive Guide

Subscale Format Q&A

Subscale Training Web Course

On May 3, we will also make the HDS subscales active on all accounts. If you are not already familiar with the HDS subscales, please view the HDS Subscale Web Course.

As an organisation committed to excellence and continuous improvement, we thank you for your partnership. Please contact us at info@peterberry.com.au with any questions.