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Leadership matters. Organisations depend on leaders to make important tactical decisions, manage changing market trends, and set strategic vision. When competent leadership prevails, people and companies prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by disengaged workers, corporate corruption, and, eventually, business failure.

HoganLead gives leaders a clear understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and core drivers, and provides them the strategic self-awareness that makes good leaders great.


The Hogan Approach to Leadership Development

Leadership derailment: What we know is that perhaps two-thirds of people currently in leadership positions will fail; they will then be fired, demoted, or kicked upstairs. The most common reason for their failure will be their inability to build or maintain a team. Their inability to build a team is typically a function of certain dysfunctional interpersonal tendencies that can be identified through the HoganLead process.

Identify high-potential leaders: The HoganLead leadership development reports are based on 30+ years of research and socioanalytic theory that identify competencies, derailers and values of top leaders. From day-to-day interactions to situations of stress and pressure to goals that drive behaviour, HoganLead identifies high-potential leaders within organisations worldwide.

Beyond succession planning: The key to succession management is to create a match between the company’s future needs and the aspirations and abilities of its leadership team. By using HoganLead in your leadership development process, you can foster professional growth of the leaders within your company and evaluate a leader’s impact on the climate and culture of an organisation.

Leadership significance: Leadership is the most important topic in the social, behavioural and organisational sciences. When good leadership prevails, organisations and people prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by inevitable bankruptcies, corporate corruption and business disasters.

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