How not to be a bad boss

In their efforts to become a good role model and leader, it is easy to see some new managers fall into the trap of trying too hard. Not only can this have an adverse impact on staff and the wider organisation, but it can also harm the leader's future career prospects, says recruitment firm Hays.

According to Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, there are a few conscious steps that newly appointed leaders can take in order to protect their positions and avoid any career-damaging “bad habits”.

“As a new leader, it's all too easy to slip unconsciously into poor behaviours without realising it,” he explained.

“Sometimes people are so keen to prove their leadership skills and make a difference that they forget to stop and think. This leads to poor leadership, which impacts their team and leads to rising turnover.”

He added that these mistakes early on can come back to haunt leaders later on, hurting their long-term career prospects.

Fortunately, Mr Deligiannis proposed some simple steps leaders can take to maintain and develop their leadership effectiveness. For instance, they should try to implement their own unique leadership style instead of simply emulating what others are doing.

He also highlighted the importance of being aware of stress triggers and not letting emotions get the better of leaders.

“When stressed we do not always make a rational decision but can instead react emotionally. But if you know your stress triggers, you can modify your behaviour and remain calm under pressure,” he said.

The need for leaders to work on their emotional intelligence has been rising in importance. According to Hogan's 'Bad Managers' whitepaper, being “bad at managing their emotional and social behaviour” and failing to “take feedback or adjust their behaviour to fit their audience or situation” are traits that separate bad leaders from the rest.

By seizing more control of their social skills and promoting their own brand of leadership, new managers can create the perfect platform for their individual leadership development.