Hogan Leader Focus 360

The Hogan Leader Focus 360 (Hogan LF360) is part of PBC’s multi-rater suite. The Leader Focus 360 is designed to develop self-awareness in those wanting to transition from Individual Contributor to Leader or for those in non-traditional leadership roles.  It identifies the individual’s at-work behaviours in order to enable them to develop specific skills which will enhance their potential as a leader.

The Hogan LF360 identifies behaviours relevant to a range of leadership roles, not just restricted to traditional people leader functions. It captures responses regarding behaviours across six emerging leadership styles:

  • People leader
  • Process leader
  • Thought leader
  • Social leader
  • Data leader and
  • Results leader


  • Can be used in conjunction with the Hogan Leader Focus Report which assesses a leader’s personality relevant to their leadership style
  • Development programs for teams or groups of emerging or non-traditional leaders
  • Individual coaching programs to identify and develop specific skills which will enhance managerial potential
  • Can be accessed through a self-administered process or through our fully managed service


  • It provides a unique opportunity to obtain multi-rater feedback early on in one’s career
  • It focusses on behaviours that others are seeing in order to contribute to self-awareness,
  • It prioritises development areas for action
  • Combine with the Hogan Leader Focus Report for more comprehensive insight into leadership potential and performance

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