Leadership/Executive Selection

Hiring the right people to lead an organisation is a vital task due to the impact leaders have in driving culture, engagement and organisational performance. Using robust assessments in the selection process increases the likelihood of identifying the best leader or executive for the role. As each executive role is unique, it is important to understand the competencies required for success.

PBC has extensive experience and the right tools to assist organisations in:

  • Understanding the requirements of the role
  • Assessing applicants’ capability
  • Determining the most suitable candidate

PBC has access to Hogan’s extensive body of research on leadership capability to inform all our leadership selection solutions and we regularly update our Australian leadership benchmark data.

PBC leverages Hogan’s personality assessments to establish a leader’s:

  • Day to day personality when at their best
  • How they are likely to behave under stress or pressure
  • Core values, goals and interests that determine career satisfaction and the type of culture they will build
  • How they process information, make decisions and respond to feedback

Once a selection decision has been made, PBC is able to provide expertise in the areas of on-boarding, coaching and development to ensure a smooth transition into the role to maximise engagement, performance and retention.


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