High Potential/ Acceleration Programs

“Even if a company identifies the right (high potential) talent, recent studies indicate that 25% of high potentials are disengaged and plan to leave their organisation” (Five Steps to a Better High Potential Program)

Future leaders and individual contributors will drive your competitive strategy, support your values, and successfully secure the future of your organisation. Therefore, programs which identifyassess, develop and retain high-potential talent are mission critical for ensuring long-term organisational growth and success.

At PBC our High Potential Leadership & Individual Development Programs involve:

  • Defining key competencies for high-potentials specific to that organisation
  • Designing a multi-faceted program to select, develop and retain high-potentials
  • The use of a number of diagnostics to measure and develop high potentials including a suite of solutions for clients to pick from:
  • Personality Assessments – including the Hogan High Potential Talent report
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Biographical interviews
  • Performance data
  •  360º reviews
  • Ongoing evaluation of the program to ensure it supports continuous achievement of our clients’ business objectives

Building the pipeline of future leaders through high potential identification, development and retention is key to long-term organisational success.

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