Middle Manager Development

“Middle managers are responsible for bridging the gap between top leadership and frontline staff and for delivering organizational results” Chris Duffy, VP of Corporate Solutions at Hogan Assessments

Like Hogan, at PBC we see Middle Managers as pivotal to organisational performance – a vital link between frontline staff and the executive team. It is therefore imperative to provide this group with ongoing development to ensure the organisation engages and retains top performers, continues to improve morale, and enriches their leadership pipeline.

PBC has been delivering leadership development programs in Australia for over two decades. In addition to our history of senior management development, PBC has designed and delivered a series of middle management development programs with two key focus areas:

  • Self awareness and awareness of others within the managerial team using the Hogan 360 and Hogan Personality Profiles
  • Building day-to-day managerial excellence. We use the data collected through the diagnostics to target specific capability gaps

Our typical approach to middle management development can be customised to our clients’ specific requirements. PBC’s practical training modules are coupled with contemporary content and interactive facilitation to create a memorable experience for participants.

To ensure return on investment, we encourage the Executive involvement and mentoring within the program as well as ensuring incorporation of personal development plans into existing performance review structures. This return on investment can be measured by repeating the Hogan 360 6-12 months after the initial feedback is gathered.

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