Hogan 360 and Multi Rater Assessments

PBC has extensive experience in the design and delivery of multi-rater tools. Our multi-rater assessments target different managerial levels and capability requirements.

Multi-rater assessments facilitate anonymous feedback on individuals and teams from a variety of sources, including:

  • manager
  • peer
  • reports
  • internal stakeholders
  • external stakeholders

This information is used to identify key strengths and areas for improvement and facilitates ongoing action planning. This exercise can be repeated on a regular basis to determine behaviour change and ongoing targeted development planning.

PBC can customise the assessment to the needs of the client and administer the survey process on the client’s behalf as required.

Hogan 360

Developed in conjunction with Hogan Assessments, the Hogan 360 is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help leaders at any level of an organisation understand how their peers, managers, direct reports and other stakeholders view their performance.

Aligned with Hogan’s core assessments, the Hogan 360 uses an easy-to-interpret leadership framework to provide a real-time view of an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. The report offers constructive feedback around leadership expectations and sets priorities for improvement.

The Hogan 360 can be customised to incorporate key organisational competencies (for example, safety and values).

PBC Safety 360

The PBC Safety 360 is an assessment that allows managers, peers and reports to provide feedback on key safety competencies. Safety is the most critical area in which managers must convey a consistent message; collecting feedback from all relevant groups is an effective method of ensuring that a leader is fully supporting the organisation’s philosophy on safety.

Emerging Managers Assessment (EMA)

The Emerging Managers Assessment was developed for use with non-traditional management roles. It is a multi-rater assessment designed to develop self-awareness in those wanting to transition from individual contributor to manager. It identifies the participant’s at-work behaviours in order to enable them to develop specific skills which will enhance their managerial capability.

180° Review

The 180° Co-worker Review is an easy-to-administer multi-rater questionnaire for reviewing individuals in frontline or entry-level roles.   The 180 ° Review is an ideal first-step to receive feedback during an individual’s induction phase.

The 180° Review captures anonymous feedback on critical performance issues by soliciting feedback from the individual, their manager and their peers on six key themes – attitude, integrity, reliability, teamwork, people skills and performance.

Graduate Talent Assessment (Grad TA)

The Graduate Talent Assessment is a multi-rater feedback tool designed to help organisations consistently measure the performance of their graduates based on what their key stakeholders are seeing. It provides a research-based measure of graduate performance by soliciting both quantitative and qualitative feedback in order to set priorities for improvement.

High Performing Team Assessment

The High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA) reveals insights into current team effectiveness and dynamics by assessing two broad themes: Performance and Culture. These broad themes also include 12 sub-themes to provide the team with more specific information including: communication, collaboration, leading change, and innovation.

Participants rate items relating to these sub-themes, and are also given the opportunity to provide open text responses in relation to the performance and culture of the team.


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