New survey reveals wage discontent among Australian workers

A new survey has indicated that workers in Australia are dissatisfied with pay equality in this country, with the bulk of respondents saying that the minimum wage should be raised and executives are paid to “excessive” degrees.

The survey was conducted by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and suggests that Australians perceive a discrepancy between what business leaders get paid and the level of work they actually do. With employees' pay being disproportionately low, the ACTU highlighted the importance of the minimum wage and the need to avoid a “working poor” scenario, as seen in the US.

“With a whopping majority, the survey clearly shows that people view the ballooning pay packets handed out to executives as excessive,” ACTU President Ged Kearney said in a March 2 statement.

“Working people are concerned that they are getting less and less of the economic pie despite dedicating 40 hours a week – often more – to work and contributing significantly to their employers' success.”

She added that the level of the minimum wage, in addition to the rising costs of living, is having a debilitating effect and making workers across the country anxious about their futures.

The ACTU's study provides further evidence that wages should be an important consideration for any business leader. The level of pay they treat their employees to can influence everything from job satisfaction to their morale and engagement at work.

On the other hand, executives must constantly show their staff that they are justifying the high pay they receive. Enhancing your leadership potential with leadership development to ensure you truly have the skills and capabilities required by the role can help instil your employees with confidence in their leader.