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APS 13th Industrial and Organisational Psychology (IOP) Conference, 'Built to Last: people, performance, systems and culture'


Jul 11, 2019



PBC and Hogan Assessments were delighted to once again be the Platinum Sponsor at IOP, where our psychologists also presented on their latest research.

Our research presented included:

  • Observed leadership behaviour around the world: Using a 360 to explore reputational differences of leaders across eight countries
  • What makes an effective leader? The impact of personality on perceived leadership effectiveness of men versus women
  • Engaging a multi-generational workforce: Investigating differences in values and personality
  • Personality and high performing teams: Examining the relationship between personality and team performance
  • The agency paradox: Personality, multi-rater assessment and success in different countries
  • Contemporary trends in personality and leadership assessment: Where are we now and where are we headed?

To download the Whitepapers, please click here.

We will be releasing thought leadership pieces on the above topics on our blog. Keep an eye out as they are released over the next month.

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