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Hogan launches new HALO platform Support Chatbot


Aug 04, 2021


PBC is pleased to announce that Hogan will launch a time-saving feature on the HALO platform aimed at answering common questions in real-time. From 4 August an automated Support Chatbot on HALO will resolve many of the frequently asked questions and issues experienced by users of the platform.

A Chatbot is software that simulates human-like conversations with users via online chat. It will be particularly useful for assistance with technical questions such as participant and HALO passwords and general HALO usage support (how to create or update groups, add IDs, add reports, etc.).

Of course our human support is always available if the Chatbot is unable to resolve an issue for you. You can continue to receive personalised support from Hogan and PBC at or respectively. Or you can call PBC Sydney on +612 8918 0888 or PBC Melbourne on +613 8629 5100. Feedback is also welcome so that we can continue to improve this service.

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