Safety 360

The PBC Safety 360 is a multi-rater survey that allows managers, peers and reports to provide feedback on key Safety Competencies. Safety is the most critical area in which managers must convey a consistent message; collecting feedback from all relevant groups is an effective method of ensuring that a leader is fully supporting the organisation’s philosophy on safety.

Our clients often use the PBC Safety 360 in conjunction with other related safety assessments including:

  • the Hogan Safety Climate Survey to assess the overall safety culture of the organisation, and
  • the Hogan Safety Report to assess the safety orientation of individual applicants and employees


  • Allows organisations to identify whether a manager is communicating a consistent safety message to reports, peers and executives
  • Makes specific recommendations for immediate action plan
  • Integrates directly into any established performance review program
  • Can compare with previous Safety 360 data to ascertain whether safety behaviours have improved over time as a result of safety initiatives
  • Helps to identify immediate safety critical challenges, for example training, equipment or contractors


  • Provides scores across 11 dimensions related to safety leadership
  • Fully administered by PBC (including set-up and ongoing communication)
  • Access to the User Portal to advise on completion status
  • Provides qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Can be used in conjunction with or independently of, the Hogan Personality Assessments
  • Benchmarks the individual manager’s score against their self-score, their score from their managers, peers and direct reports, and the average for all managers
  • Scores each manager on a scale from ‘outstanding’ through to ‘needs development’
  • Identifies key strengths and development opportunities

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